Over the past year, my UX, Design, and UI teams have worked tirelessly together to build a React-based componentized design system from scratch. Meet Lucidium!

In this session, I will present a case study of moving from a clunky, single page design method of building a huge multi-million dollar SaaS tool… to the creation and deployment of an elegant, cohesive design system at Lucid. I will share the before-and-afters of a number of platform page rebuilds, as well as provide guidance on exactly how to build a design system with a small Design and UI team AND how to position it to be valuable to your larger business. I will share tips, skills, and lessons learned on how we got buy-in from our leadership, worked tirelessly to spin up the early iterations of Lucidium, and maintained its growth and development for the past year.

Attendees can expect to take away a much stronger understanding of what a Design System is, why it is valuable for platform and enterprise companies, and how to insert and empathetic UX Design philosophy into the Design System creation process. Attendees will also be given time for questions, an appreciation of timely GIFs in presentations, and even some laughter. 🙂