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The Next Digital Frontier- Impact of AI & Machine Learning on Global Economy, Society and Philanthropy

Innovations in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and the economy, even as they reshape…

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Wage Your Bets: Microservice, Monolith, or Serverless

Microservices, Monolithic, and Serverless are some of the three architectural patterns that have recently gained popularity. Some engineers swear one over the others, but in reality, there are every…

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Design Your Talk Topic

The very first step toward delivering an exceptional conference presentation is making sure you have a topic that sings… and that you’re truly excited to sing about it. Sara Khoury UX Director,…

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Does that Resonate? Tailoring your Communication to Maximize your Impact

The best conversations we have, whether they are big presentations or 1-on-1 meetings, are ones where we connect with our audience. Connecting with an audience isn’t a happy accident. It’s a…

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Transitioning into Tech: How to Leverage Bootcamps for Diversity in Recruiting

Devon Jones went from teaching Special Education to working as an Automation Engineer via a coding bootcamp. She will cover the application/interview process, her experiences as a non-technical woman…

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Being Human: The Competitive Advantage

Driverless cars. Robots. There are major disruptors in play changing the way we drive, how we do business and how we interact with the world. Automation and Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of…

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Learning Machine Learning

This workshop will be a hands-on session that teaches how to learn machine learning through practical, fun examples. There will be a fast intro to computational statistics and a lesson on decision…

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Jira 101

This workshop is on the Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence, on the Cloud versions. Participants will walk away with the basics and should be able to use the tool in their daily lives. PLEASE NOTE:…

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Kubernetes and fluff

Kubernetes is a hype word but what does it actually do for you the developers in your company and the bottom line? I'll dive through the world of application deployment and management and separate…

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Get Lean: The Easier Way to Create User Experience

Do your projects often get bogged down in seemingly endless lists of features? Do you find it difficult to prioritize them, and determine which ones your users actually need? Whether your company is…

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Mentors, Coaches, Sponsors, oh my!

When you want to get a seat at the table, you'll need more than a good performance review and a strong work ethic, especially when combating all the road blocks in your way. It's time to take…

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Onward and Upward: The Case for Shifting Services to the Cloud

Industries from financial services to manufacturing are shifting their applications and services to the cloud for increased flexibility, security and mobility. In this session, Dana Lorberg, who…

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Examining the future of tech and cybersecurity based on our technology past

Cybersecurity is now "mission critical". As we moved to a hyper-connected, digital-everything society cybercrime has exploded to the point where if it were a nationstate, it would be the 13th largest…

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How Robotics, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Will Make Us Human Again

We're entering the next wave of innovation that integrates moment by moment collaboration with robots, cobots, virtual/augmented/mixed realities that today, seem daunting. But in fact, these…

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