When you want to get a seat at the table, you’ll need more than a good performance review and a strong work ethic, especially when combating all the road blocks in your way. It’s time to take advantage of your network and use them to super boost your career. Your company and community have an abundance of resources that you can take advantage of, so why not explore all the development opportunities in your network? In this session, we’ll look at what a mentor, coach, and sponsor are, what they can help you achieve, and some personal anecdotes about how they have all impacted my career. Additionally, drawing on my experience starting a mentoring group at my company, we will take a look at ways to engage in new types of mentoring and how to encourage others to explore both being a mentor and mentee. Key takeaways for attendees would be an understanding of what each type of development opportunity is, how they can seek out a mentor or coach, and encouragement to take on their own mentee.