Michelle Hodges is an Engineer at Slalom Build & is the President of Women Leaders in Tech.

Starting out managing Operations at a fast growing IT startup, Michelle fell in love with the tech industry and delved deep into learning backend engineering. She’s dabbled in writing backend services and tools in Go, C#, NodeJS, and Python, while also touching front end frameworks such as React/Redux.

Shortly after she became a software engineer, she was introduced to the notion of DevOps, and immediately fell in love with the world of automation and serverless infrastructure. She has decided that building and securing infrastructure in the cloud will be the main focus of her career.

Last year, Michelle along with her husband created an open source application that assists penetration testers in deploying mass amount of cloud infrastructure for Red Teaming purposes. They presented their tool “hideNsneak” at Black Hat, Las Vegas, in 2018.

This year, Michelle founded Women Leaders in Tech (WLT) – a non profit organization that aims to shift perspectives on gender biases in tech by leveling the playing field. WLT started in Charlotte, NC, but has expanded to the Seattle, WA area.