This talk will go over how I formally pivoted into UX research from a traditional research background in a non-tech space, how I managed a 41% pay raise with one job move, and how I received offers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Etsy before finally landing at Google. It will dive into the work that I did that helped me with my initial career pivot into UX research (that didn’t require me to go back to school), the questions and people that I talked to before I got my 41% raise, and how I cracked the interviews for Amazon, Google, and Facebook to get competing offers from all three.

My talking points will include: 1) how to leverage your existing network (and your networks’ network) to find a new career path (or to grow the one you’re on), 2) the essential research you need to do while you’re considering a career change, before you start interviewing, and before you start a job offer negotiation, and 3) the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re considering where you want to want, how you want to work, and who you want to work for when you’re considering a career move.

Key attendee takeaways will include: 1) how to pivot into a UX research career, 2) how to pivot your career in general, 3) how to assess the true value of a new career opportunity, 4) how to land your interviews, and 5), how to make sure you’re paid what your worth (and signs that you might need to consider compromising).