Interested in working remotely, and wondering how to get your company or boss on board? Already working remotely, and hoping for some tips and tricks to improve the experience?
The remote working trend is becoming more and more popular, whether it’s a weekly work-from-home day or an overall company structure. If you’re not already working remotely, it’s becoming more and more likely that you will in the future, and there may be no reason that you can’t in your current role.
The majority (67%) of remote and flexible working programs are offered at manager’s discretion, so it could be right around the corner. And if you’re a manager, it could be up to you!
This presentation will provide actionable tips from an experienced member and manager of a remote workforce, including how to effectively connect with a remote team, how to sell the idea of remote working, how to build a culture that supports this setup, and how to have fun while doing it!