55% of all mobile traffic in 2016 was people watching video. Half of all YouTube views happen on smartphones? Brands and individuals need to start thinking about their mobile video strategy. As marketers, content creators, production companies and even Hollywood look to how consumers will watch video in the future, they need look no further than the devices in their pocket. While mobile content has not seen a huge increase in development among creators, users’ hunger for mobile content is only growing.

And it’s not just how users are choosing to watch video that’s changing, but the shape of the videos they’re choosing to watch. Horizontal orientation isn’t nearly as important to users as content with only a quarter of users reporting they flip their phones horizontally view video. Video that displays as a square, as seen on Facebook and Instagram, is slowly leading the way for more vertical designs as well.

In this session, Elizabeth Giorgi founder and CEO of internet video production company Mighteor will discuss how women are driving mobile viewing trends, how marketers can adapt their content creation processes for mobile, and why despite small screen sizes, mobile is consistently the top choice video viewing.