How to distinguish UX from UI and why it matters:

People often think a sleek, modern user interface alone, with punchy colors, smooth gradients, and elegant typography will win over users. But good-looking design only gets you so far. I describe a fun analogy comparing user experience and user interface design to dating. Choosing a partner based on looks alone is unlikely to get a second or third date, just like creating nice-looking interface design without taking important user input into consideration will allow a product to fail.

Takeaways: listeners will understand the difference between UX/UI and the value each brings to the table

What defines a high-quality user experience and how to level up your deliverables (as a designer or team member):

We often hear people speak about quality design work, but what does that really mean? How do we know when something is up to par or not? I will go through a brief checklist of quality UX and UI design deliverables that everyone on a product team should know and look for.

Takeaways: Users will have a tactical, outcome-driven resource to help ensure quality design deliverables. Designers and non-designers will feel empowered to contribute feedback on UX/UI.

How strong UX brings more value to your business:

A strong user experience brings a huge ROI through ROU (Return of Users)! When users feel comfortable, at ease and have confidence in your product, they will come back again and again and ultimately drive more business and revenue.

Takeaways: Listeners will learn how to advocate for UX through the “business case” and will improve communication and results with bosses/clients.