AI is on track to drive nearly $16 trillion globally by 2030 – with its ability to reinvent productivity and personalization. It’s something that business of all sizes, across all industries are looking to implement into their organization. I mean, for example, this past February, the White House signed into law the American AI Initiative, which directs federal agencies to prioritize AI investments in their R&D missions.

Many clients feel like they’re not getting what they need out of their data, AI allows you to unlock your data –the data you’ve all got right now sitting in your cloud – and get value from it in totally new ways, so you can:

  • Predict and shape future outcomes
  • Optimize workflows, freeing employees to do higher value work
  • Automate decisions, processes, experiences
  • Reimagine new business models

94% of companies believe AI is key to competitive advantage, but adoption has been slow.
Watson Assistant is the AI-powered foundation of smart customer experiences. In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to:

  • Centralize your customer communication and problem resolution
  • Get started fast with your existing data
  • Go live and customize web widgets without needing a developer
  • Dynamically manage vague questions