October 7, 2017 - Denver, Colorado


Keynote – Build Your Dream Network – a Fireside Chat with Kelly Hoey and Danielle Shoots
by Kelly Hoey and Danielle Shoots

Applied Design Thinking – Job-To-Be-Done and Journey Mapping
By Kristann Orton

Building a (Virtual) Sandbox: Hands-On Workshop
by Valerie Parham-Thompson

Change or Be Changed: New Learning for New IT Talent Transformation
by Miranda L. Mason

Connecting the world of APIs with JavaScript
By Meredith Hassett

Did I Do That? People Data Problems and Their Ramifications
By Morgana Carter

Future-Proofing Your Tech Architecture: Scaling for Explosive Growth
by Sha Ma

Introduction to Design Thinking
by Kristann Orton

Leadership for Non-Managers
by Jessica Bell

Level Up From Hardware Noob to Hardware Node
by Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Livestreaming – Don’t Get Left in the Pond
By Yvonne Totty

Remote working: Swings & roundabouts
by Ivana McConnell

The Business of Technology
by Maria Popo

The New Front End Fundamentals
By Whitney Williams

The Ship! Culture – The secret behind our continuous success in shipping an award winning enterprise mobile app
by Stacey Yan

Why We Need Your Point of View of the coming AI Revolution
by Jenn Hirsch